Our Values

We live in a hectic, at times exhausting and fast-paced world. Stress at work is the norm and even outside of this we are subject to numerous factors beyond our control. That is why a comfortable, restorative haven—your home—is so important nowadays. We know how essential it is to feel at ease at home, which is why we value the highest quality in our textiles for the accessories in your living room, kitchen area, bathroom and bedroom.

Isn’t it lovely to buy an exquisite piece that brings one joy, is long-lasting and something we would like to have around all the time?

We definitely think so. We are convinced that conscious living is the key to happiness. However, we wish to share this happiness with the world, which his why we place our emphasis on sustainability of our products. It is not possible to imagine the textile industry without the worldwide division of labour. However, the relationships must become fairer in order for all those involved to profit. As Mary Rose, we accept responsibility for the role we play in this cycle. We make sure the resources used for our products are organically farmed and we take note of environmental and social standards in processing. This is also a part of conscious living: knowing your role for the environment and fellow humans.


Numerous bedding products we sell are GOTS certified, which you can see by the use of a green t-shirt symbol. The Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, is the leading standard for textile processing of ecologically produced natural fibres. It defines environmental technology standards throughout the complete production chain on a high level while examining social criteria. Quality control is secured by an independent certification.

The aim of this standard is to define requirements that secure a sustainable production of textiles, from raw fibres to environmentally friendly and socially responsible fabrication to the labelling of the final product. This should ensure the consumer’s confidence in the product. The standard also covers the production, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of textiles made of at least 70 % certified organically produced natural fibres. Yarns, fabrics, clothing, home textiles and further products made from textile fibres can be certified.

Cradle to Cradle

Soon available in our stores! Our Cradle to Cradle certified products are made from organic cotton and have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle GOLD certificate. From the organic cotton material to the sewing thread, and from the weave and product label to the colour pigmentation - everything is completely biodegradable and can be returned to the biological cycle without trace. In the centre of the evaluation are:

  • Material Health
  • Material Reutilization
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Stewardship
  • Social Fairness

Would you like to know more? Then visit the website www.c2ccertified.org or ask a member of our expert team.


Fair Wear

The Fair Wear Foundation (or FWF) is an organisation that stands for the improvement of working conditions in the clothing and textile industry. The foundation reviews whether the member companies implement the principles of FWF in their production lines. It was founded in 1999 and has seen a steady increase in member companies ever since. We are proud to be members and the first company in the field of home textiles. Together with other members, we work on creating awareness for fairness in the production and shipment process. This awareness includes, among other things, limitation of working hours, free choice of work place, no discrimination, safe and healthy working conditions and pay to secure one’s livelihood. We stand behind this organisation 100 % and work towards fairness becoming the norm in our industry rather than the exception.


Whenever possible, we work with regional suppliers and producers to preserve net product and strengthen companies at home. Our pillows’ fillings come from suppliers in Austria. Each pillow is filled, packaged and shipped to 100 % by the staff at Lebenshilfe Dornbirn.

We stand by inner-city business, which our shops in the centres of Innsbruck and Dornbirn clearly show. They increase the attractiveness of the inner-city, which in turn other shops and restaurants can profit from.

Social standards

Die PAPTEX Textilhandels GmbH (Großhandel Mary Rose), verpflichtet sich als Mitglied der BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) zur Einhaltung von Sozialstandards in den Betrieben, die unsere Produkte herstellen.

Ziel ist, die Arbeitsbedingungen auch in Produktionsbetrieben außerhalb Europas kontinuierlich und nachhaltig zu verbessern und sicherzustellen, dass gesetzliche Bestimmungen eingehalten werden. Dazu hat die BSCI einen Verhaltenskodex entwickelt, zu dem sich die Mitglieder verpflichten.

Die Einhaltung dieser Bestimmungen sowie die Umsetzung von vereinbarten Verbesserungs-maßnahmen werden regelmäßig durch externe Auditierungs-Institute überwacht.

Living Tradition

Tyrler has been a staple when it comes to bedding, down and home textiles in Innsbruck since 1825. We have passed this know-how on over generations, and continue to do so. Not only can you expect highest quality of our products, you can also experience tradition first hand. Watch bedding being sewn to measure or duvets being cleaned in one of our shops, which the boss takes care of personally. Or watch bedding being sewn and repaired to become like new in our very own tailor shop. At Tyrler and Mary Rose, personal consulting is our highest priority. Our experienced teams will gladly assist you with any questions you may have in order to secure relaxing and healthy sleep for you.


Schlossgugger House: a time capsule that has seen so much. It is the oldest house in Dornbirn and was placed under monument protection in 1967. Research revealed that the house was built around 1290. A striking feature is the gradual petrification of the original wood structure: a historical conversion from a wooden to wood-stone structure. We fell in love with this house, purchased it and see to it that it is taken care of and renovated. It shall be a home for new ideas. This is a project that brings us much joy!

Climate Neutrality

Our support for the Klimaneutralitätsbündnis (Climate Neutrality Alliance) represents a further pillar of our brand. Together with many other companies, we have set ourselves the goal by 2025 of fully compensating for our own CO2 emissions (e.g. those generated by transport), thus helping to counteract the greenhouse effect. We are therefore planning to establish a solar power plant on the roofing of our weaving/dyeing mill with the aim of producing “zero-pollution organic textiles”.


Textilien sind oft NICHT vegan - hätten Sie das gewusst? Unsere CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED® GOLD Produkte sind - im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Textilien - vegan. Das liegt daran, dass Textilien im Allgemeinen selten komplett frei von Materialien tierischen Ursprungs sind, da ihnen oft im Zuge der Produktion tierische Fette, Harnsäure, etc. als Verarbeitungshilfsstoffe beigefügt werden. Da derartige Verarbeitungsshilfsstoffe meist nicht deklariert werden müssen, wird der Eindruck erweckt, dass Textilien vegan sind. Bei unseren Cradle to Cradle-Produkten verzichten wir auf jegliche Materialien tierischen Ursprungs und wurden damit mit dem internationalen V-Label ausgezeichnet. (Fotograf: Philipp Kahrer)