Our Shops

In our shops, Mary Rose in Dornbirn and Tyrler in Innsbruck, you can find our home brand Mary Rose alongside high-quality accessories for your home. We make sure all of our products are produced sustainably and sensibly, are in vogue and satisfy your needs concerning functionality. One very important aspect for us is the life span of each product. Our aim is to set a trend against the fast pace of our lives today. We want you to enjoy our products for a long time. They are to create memories and get passed on to further generations at best. We prefer buying fewer and higher quality products that last longer.


You can find our lovely shop in the middle of Dornbirn’s city centre since 1990, the year Mary Rose was established. This is where all of the ideas for the collections of our home brand Mary Rose come into being: in our studios on the top floors. On the ground floor, which measures 600 sq m, you can find everything you need to turn your house into a home.

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Tyrler since 1825

Experience tradition at Tyrler in Innsbruck. For almost 200 years now, Tyrler has consulted its customers on all things sleep. In the newly renovated space, you can find highest-quality bedding and home textiles while coming in contact with tradition and experience. Watch custom-made products being sewn and duvets being cleaned on site.


Living means being at home. Coming home and feeling at ease, relaxing. Your home should be a safe haven, a cosy nest, or a welcoming place to host guests. With our diverse and stylish products, you can create a comfortable living ambience. We offer modern and traditional furnishings for the living area, accessories and decoration, as well as selected designer objects to give your home its personalised character. Add a pleasant room scent to top off the overall experience.

Discover the many ideas we have that make furnishing to your personal style simple, or soak in our suggestions for composition for your living area. We take note of the origin and production of our products and with our home brand Mary Rose we are proud members of Fair Wear.


Tyrler has been a staple when it comes to bedding, down and home textiles in Innsbruck. We pass this know-how on to our shop in Dornbirn. Pieces of local interest, such as pillows filled with Swiss pine, spelt or millet, mix with finest Swiss satin and hand-made down bedding. Bedding made-to-measure and specially customised fillings are our pet issue and difficult to find elsewhere.

Tradition and experience are palpable in our shops. In Innsbruck, you can watch bedding being sewn to measure or duvets being cleaned. During a duvet cleaning, the down and feathers are taken out of the bedding and put into our feather cleansing machine, cleaned with hot steam and disinfected with UV rays. The boss takes care of this personally, and watching is quite an experience!

Our experienced teams in Innsbruck and Dornbirn will gladly assist you with any questions you may have in order to secure relaxing and healthy sleep for you.


Looking for a new design or simply something more modern? Often times, all it takes are small accessories to make your bathroom a more inviting space. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and ensure a great start into and a relaxing conclusion of every day.

Our furnishing ideas will give your bathroom your personal touch, so that the room not only reflects your furnishing style, but also your personality. Create a space in which you can forget everyday life and unwind—with just a little imagination and love for detail. Little things like towels or bathmats in matching and stylish colours will have a positive effect. Here too, you should bank on quality. Be sure to choose the colours in your colour spectrum. Our home brands Mary Rose and Marys offer the right towel in various sizes and colours.

Be sure to address all of your senses for optimum relaxation: from visually appealing furnishings to soothing fragrances, from cosy warmth to relaxing quiet. We have everything you need to make this a reality: cosy towels, bathrobes of the finest quality, high-end accessories and fragrant care products. Feel at ease in your personal oasis of wellness and pamper yourself!

Cooking Area

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! This saying may seem old-fashioned, yet it still rings true. Eating and drinking is an important part of our lives and of society. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and often times, this room becomes the centre of our parties. It simply doesn’t get better than sharing a meal with friends or family.

Premium products and useful accessories are essential, whether for winter baking or grilling and cocktail-making in summer. Stylish equipment will give set your invites apart.

We have everything you need to make eating and drinking an experience—be it for your kitchen, dining room, or as an eye-catcher while serving your dishes. Whether you have friends or extended family over or are “just” making something for yourself or your family: you will find what you are looking for.

Laid Table

An abundant breakfast in a luxury hotel; dinner in a three-star restaurant; a glass of wine with friends at a tiny vineyard: what makes these experiences memorable are the well-laid tables that come with them. As you know, you eat with your eyes first. Setting the table as if you were a starred chef will impress your friends and family alike.

Specially selected accessories, matching placemats and inspiring pieces set the scene for your dishes. These details will create a special experience for your guests similar to one at a luxury restaurant.

Mary Rose offers fitting table settings, stylish accessories and exceptional designer pieces to emphasise your dishes’ best features. You and your guests will feel at ease all around!


When choosing our suppliers and manufacturing sites, we are mindful of the use of organic fibres, the sustainable production of textiles, natural resources and highest environmental standards—throughout the chain of production.



We emphasise tradition and the preservation of knowledge. Tyrler in Innsbruck has consulted its customers on all things sleep since 1825. The knowledge that has been and is passed on here from generation to generation is a great example of this. We believe that the spoken word and personal customer care make a difference, especially in times of digital communication.


Our home brand products are subject to strict social and ecological standards and are GOTS certified and are made in Fair Wear audited factories. We support a verifiable worldwide social and ecological standard that allows tracking of natural textiles’ complete production chain.


We are constantly searching for innovative and beautiful products that set your home apart. We are also committed to our customers’ desires. We will gladly assist you and look forward to your visit!