For us, humans are at the centre of the production process, which is why we are proud members of the Fair Wear Foundation. Our focus lies not only on quality and design, but also on conditions of production, use of natural resources and compensation associated with our products.


Both our home brands, Mary Rose and Notburga Tyrler—comprising the bulk of our textile assortment—, are subject to strict social and ecological standards and are GOTS certified. Therefore, we support a verifiable worldwide social and ecological standard that allows tracking of natural textiles’ complete production chain.


Product development in our own studio in Dornbirn, the constant quest for new and prime raw materials and manufacturing sites, knowledge of design and trends: all this guarantees our products’ maximum quality and longevity. We create showpieces for your home that are characterised by hand and have simple and clear forms.


You can find our shops in inner-city locations in Dornbirn and Innsbruck! We look forward to you!


We are convinced that conscious living is the key to happiness. However, we wish to share this happiness with the world, which his why we place our emphasis on sustainability of our products.


Mary Rose represents urban and modern design statements. Our collection includes stylish living accessories with a transparent production line. We want you to know where a product comes from, how it is made and why it is made that way. There is a human component in every product: it passes through numerous hands and tells its own story. We design our home textiles—bedding, terrycloth and drapes— and produce them sustainably, taking expert knowledge into account.

It is our duty as members of the Fair Wear Foundation to take responsibility for a change in the system. We make sure our natural resources are ecologically produced while taking increasingly focusing on environmental and social standards for further processing. We consider this to be a part of conscious living, too—knowing your role for the environment and your fellow humans.