We stand by our products, champion them, burn for them! This is also why we make sure we know where our products come from, both for the production of our home brand products and our suppliers. This includes a consciousness for the conditions under which the products are produced. It is our duty as members of the Fair Wear Foundation to take responsibility for a change in the system. We make sure our natural resources are ecologically produced while increasingly taking environmental and social standards for further processing into account. We consider this to be a part of conscious living, too: knowing your role for the environment and your fellow humans.

We are personally acquainted with all of our suppliers and the staff in production. Naturally, this is not always easy—but it is very important to us to know where each detail of our products stems from.

The whole world is our production site, considering that every culture has its own special features and century-old experience. So why not buy porcelain in China—especially considering it was invented there? Cotton is cultivated in Turkey, so why not have blankets made there? Our focus is not on the smallest price, but on the shortest delivery channels and fair production conditions with maximum experience in production. The world is our workbench—be it Innsbruck, Waldviertel, Turkey, Romania, or India—good and fair cooperation can be profitable for all those involved. A nice thought!

The following is a short overview of our production sites and suppliers.

Cotton Fields

Every year, we look forward to visit our business partner in Western Turkey. The years of cooperation with a Turkish family have formed a friendship: a great foundation for trusting collaboration. Western Turkey offers beautiful cotton fields and numerous experts for cotton textiles, allowing us to profit from the high level of technical know-how. Furthermore, Turkey is a logistically close destination, reducing long delivery channels and emission of C02.


From the field, the picked cotton is taken directly to the weaving and spinning room. Bedding, towels, blankets and tablecloths are produced in our Turkish partner’s spinning room. The business is small—and of course Fair Wear audited.

To a large extent, the cotton used is GOTS certified. Only products made from ecologically produced natural fibres whose production takes environmental and social standards in further production into account can be GOTS certified, shown by the green shirt symbol. We believe ecological production is especially important when it comes to bedding, which, after all, is on our skin for eight hours a day.


Long-lasting partnerships connect us to experts around the world:

Our lovely lamb wool blankets are from Bergamo, Northern Italy, where the wool from New Zealand is woven. But shearings are not always the same. New Zealand provides the perfect conditions needed for sheep farming: sheep graze on higher, cooler pastures, where the humidity is higher and the wool becomes especially soft.

Our linen tablecloths from Northern Portugal are made exclusively for Mary Rose. This is unique, seeing as the cloth is frame-woven tablecloth with Jacquard ornaments, something that has become extremely rare and is a sign of individual production rather than mass merchandising.

Our silk products are woven in India. Indian silk has a long-standing tradition and its production has remained traditional to this day.

Thoroughly chosen partners are our best goods.

Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg

We have had a partnership with the workshop of Lebenshilfe Dornbirn for years. Our crop pillows are filled with organic millet and organic spelt. Pillows are also filled with Swiss pine and shearings, packaged and shipped by the staff in Dornbirn. For over 50 years, Lebenshilfe Dornbirn has represented the needs of people with disabilities and their relatives. The main goal is to improve quality of life sustainably and to make natural participation in our society possible. Their principle is “People need each other”—appreciating one another is essential for everyone and enriches all our lives. We agree!

Regional Suppliers

We draw on unlimited resources when it comes to regional production of our natural pillows.

Be it Swiss pine from Vorarlberg, grown at optimum altitudes and cut down under strict regulations; ecological spelt and millet from Styria, from a tiny ecological farm specialising in crops of the highest quality; or ecological sheep wool from Upper Austria, from a farm with small herds… We are mindful of nature, whose cycle we wish to give back to.

Einhaltung von Sozialstandards

Die PAPTEX Textilhandels GmbH (Großhandel Mary Rose), verpflichtet sich als Mitglied der BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) zur Einhaltung von Sozialstandards in den Betrieben, die unsere Produkte herstellen.

Ziel ist, die Arbeitsbedingungen auch in Produktionsbetrieben außerhalb Europas kontinuierlich und nachhaltig zu verbessern und sicherzustellen, dass gesetzliche Bestimmungen eingehalten werden. Dazu hat die BSCI einen Verhaltenskodex entwickelt, zu dem sich die Mitglieder verpflichten.

Die Einhaltung dieser Bestimmungen sowie die Umsetzung von vereinbarten Verbesserungs-maßnahmen werden regelmäßig durch externe Auditierungs-Institute überwacht.

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